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2020-2021 Lobaugh Lesson Plans

Daily announcements and assignments will be posted in the Google Classroom. 

Click the bitmoji image below to view the Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 Oklahoma Academic Standards that we will cover in our 8th grade classes this year.




Below is a brief description of the topics we will cover this year.  This is subject to change as deemed necessary.  

Pre-Algebra Unit Progression:

  • Prep Unit: bridging the learning gaps and review
  • Unit 1: Real Numbers -- Subunit A: Rational/Irrational Numbers and Integer Exponents
  • Unit 2: Scientific Notation
  • Unit 3: Solving Equations
  • Unit 4: Solving Inequalities 
  • Unit 5: Linear Equations -- Proportional Relationships and y-intercepts
  • Unit 6: Functions
  • Unit 7: Pythagorean Theorem
  • Unit 8: Surface Area and Volume
  • Unit 9: Data
  • Unit 10: Probability
  • Unit 11: Intro to Algebra I


Algebra 1 Progression Guide

  • Prep Unit: bridging the learning gaps and review
  • Trio 1 – verbal/numerical expressions A1.A.3.4, Two and 3-step equations A1.A.1.1, inequalities
  • Trio 2 – Absolute Value equations A1.A.1.2, compound inequalities A1.A.2.2, function notation A1.F.3.2
  • Trio 3 – relations/functions A1.F.1.1, linear/non-linear relations A1.F.2.1A, graphing situations A1.A.4.4
  • Trio 4 -- domain/range A1.F.1.2, slope and intercepts A1.A.4.1, graphing linear equations in 3 forms A1.A.4.3A
  • Trio 5 – writing equations in 3 forms A1.A.4.3B, representing linear equations on graphs/tables/real-world A1.F.3.1, parallel/perpendicular lines A1.A.4.2
  • Trio 6 -- model real-world situations with function notation A1.F.1.3, represent relationships inequalities A1.A.2.1, scatterplots A1.D.1.2-3, discrete/continuous graphs
  • Trio 7 – systems of equations using graphing A1.A.1.3A, substitution/elimination A1.A.1.3B, inequalities A1.A.2.3
  • Trio 8 – operations of functions A1.F.3.3, operations of polynomials A1.A.3.2, translating data representations A1.D.1.1
  • Trio 9 -- factor polynomial expressions A1.A.3.3, probability A1.D.2.1 and 2.3
  • Trio 10 – simplifying radicals/roots A1.N.1.1, operations with roots A1.N.1.2, Venn diagrams of probabilities A1.D.2.2
  • Trio 11 – real-world probability concepts A1.D.2.4, linear arithmetic sequences A1.A.3.5, exponential arithmetic sequences A1.A.3.6
  • Trio 12 – piece-wise functions A1.F.1.4, distinguish linear/functions from tables/graphs/equations A1.A.2.1B, recognize graphs/transformations of exponential and absolute value functions A1.F.2.2