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Class Syllabus/ Bell Schedule

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Syllabus Eastern Geography 2018-2019

Michelle Schemmer

Emerson Middle School

Room 211

Phone 580-3667301   

contact me:

Overview of the Course’s Purpose

     We Will spend the school year learning about the Eastern Hemisphere.   Students will learn not only the geographical location of important countries but also the cultures of the people who live there.   Throughout the year we will focus on new concepts of multiple societies around the world including, language, religion, family dynamic, and social norms.   Students will learn mapping skills, how to use maps to become more familiar with new countries and physical features.

Our studies will include:

  • Map and Geography Skills

  • Studies in Europe

  • Studies in Africa

  • Studies in Russia

  • Studies in Asia

  • Studies in Australia

State Standards:

Standard 1 –  Students will analyze data from a geographical perspective using the skills and tools of geography.

Standard 2 – Students will examine the human and physical characteristics of the major regions of the Eastern Hemisphere

Standard 3 – Students will examine the interactions of physical systems that shape the patterns of the Earth’s surface in the Eastern Hemisphere

Standard 4– Students will analyze the world’s people and cultures in the context of the human systems in the Eastern Hemisphere

Standard 5 – Students will analyze the interactions of humans and their environments in the Eastern Hemisphere

Class format

Students will be learning through a variety of formats including research projects, small group projects, lecture, class discussion, individual inquiry, and simulation.

Classroom Expectations/Rules:

Be Respectful

  • Follow directions the first time they are given.

  • Raise your hand and wait to be called on before speaking.

  • Encourage Everyone

  • Touch only your own property

Be Responsible

  • Be on time for class

  • Bring all required materials for class

Be Safe

  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

  • Be in your seat ready to work when the bell rings - otherwise you are tardy.

  • No food in class - bottled water is allowed.

  • Chromebooks need to be charged and ready to use every day.

  • Take care of personal needs between classes.

Students will show respect for their classmates, teacher, classroom, and themselves.   Student will follow all school rules. Positive reinforcement will be through the use of the school wide SWAG card.

The Eight Expectations:

  1. We will value one another as unique and special individuals.

  2. We will not laugh at or make fun of a person’s mistakes nor use sarcasm or putdowns.

  3. We will use good manners, saying “Please,” “Thank You,” and “Excuse me” and allow others to go first.

  4. We will cheer each other to success.

  5. We will help one another whenever possible.

  6. We will recognize every effort and applaud it. 

  7. We will encourage each other to do our best.

  8. We will practice virtuous living, using the Life Principles.

***Along with the school district rules (handbook online) and the Code of Conduct above(See attached rules for Student and Parent signature)

The Rs of Accountability

1. Redo- try again in a way that meets expectations

2. Revoke- a privilege will be taken away

3. Reflect- fill out a behavior reflection to share with parents or guardian

4. Restart- take sometime in the restart room

5. Restore- mend your mistake through an apology

*Please keep cell phones off and in your backpack while at school.*



  • If a discipline issue occurs, I will speak to the student about it and this is considered a warning.

  • If a second discipline issue occurs, I will  re-direct student or move the student to a different location .

  • I will pull student in hall to have a discussion about behavior.

  • If a fourth discipline issue occurs, parents will be contacted by students to discuss the ongoing behavior.

  • Further disciplinary issues will be a referral to the office/ or we will discuss after school detention.

  • Disciplinary issues of a severe nature or that keep the rest of the students from being in a safe/learning environment will be immediately referred to the office.


GRADING SCALE                                                                    GRADE WEIGHTS
A-(100-90)                                                                                 Exams/quizzes-50%
B-(89-80)                                                                                  Class/Homework-50 %
F-(59 & below)      

To aid in communication regarding academic progress, grades will always be available through Power School.  This is available to check student progress on a routine bases. I will update grades Every week. I will put in a minimum of 2 grades per week by Friday.


Homework Policy:

  • If you don’t finish it in class it is Homework.

Classroom Procedures:

Entering the Room

  • I will Greet you at the door.

  • Please enter the room quietly and prepared to learn.

  • Look at the board for any homework assignments and immediately write them in your agenda.

  • Take any materials required for the day’s lesson from you backpack.

  • Take out homework, sharpen pencils and begin any warm-up activity that might be displayed.

  • Please have your pencils sharpened within three minutes of class starting.

  • You should always have your charged Chromebook, paper, pencil, binder, and library book with you in class every day.

Leaving the Room

  • The bell doesn't dismiss you, the teacher does.

  • When the desks have been cleaned and floor have been straightened up, you will be dismissed.

Proper Heading

  • Please use the standard heading for all of your papers

  • In the top right corner place                         your name


                                                                                Hour you are in class


Tardies add up, and you can’t afford them. If you have to come into class late, please be quiet coming in. Take your seat quickly, and quietly ask a neighbor or the teacher where to begin.


If you miss class for any reason, it is your responsibility to obtain the make-up work.  All assignments will be in Google classroom and on the web site. You will only have 2 days to make-up missed work for everyday you are absent.  Weekly lesson plans are on the class website. It is YOUR responsibility to locate and make up missed work.


My website for daily assignments, make-up work, and course info. email:

Michelle Schemmer

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