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Gayla Heinrichs

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(580) 366-7309

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8am to 11am

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About Me

Educational History:

I am a proud gradute of the Oklahoma School System, I attended public school at Kingfisher, Oklahoma and graduated with my high school diploma in 1977. After graduation, I went to Southwerstern Oklahoma Sate University in Weatherford, Oklahoma. After completing my Bachelor of Arts Degree in music specializing in horn performance, I completed my Bachelor of Music Education, both in 1981. I further earned a Master of Music (in education) in 1983. I was also the seventh teacher in EPS to become a Nationally Certified teacher.

Degrees and Certifications:

BA from SWOSU in Music

BME from SWOSU in Music

MM from SWOSU in Music Education

Professional Development:

I am a big believer in continuing education and I consider myself a lifelong learner.

Current Position:

I began teaching Band at Emerson Middle School in the 2001-2002 school year. I have been in the Enid Public School District for eighteen years. Currently, After teaching Band at Emerson for ten years, I am currently teaching Lead Guitar and Choir,


Previous Position:

I started teaching Band, Choir, and Elementary Band in the school year 1984-1985 at Mountain View, Oklahoma. In addition to teaching a very busy schedule with all the concerts and Elementary Programs, I was also suprised with unexpected extra duties they failed to mention at the job interview. ;)

The first day of school I had High School Band 1st Hour with plan time 2nd Hour. After the High School Band students left the room muttering something about me being a girl, I was confronted by an upset mother complaining about High School Cheer Leaders and her daughter over something that happened in the summer. I told her that I was not the High School Cheer Leader Sponsor and tried to direct her to the High School Principal. She finally left, still unhappy and accused me of not telling the truth.

I went into my office to call the principal when he came in the bandroom. I started to tell him about the upset mom and he said he had told her not to talk to me yet as I had not been told that I was the new High School/Junior High Cheerleading Sponsor and his decision about the summer incident was final. The principal, who is still a dear friend of mine. told me he had taken care of the problem and the upset mom would never be satisfied so direct all further discussion on this subject to him.

He left the bandroom and I went back to my office and sat down at my desk. I was definately overwhelmed and feeling a little dizzy when the Superintendent came in.The Superintendent said he had come to check on me and said he had heard about my upset mother.I was starting to feel better. It was so nice of the Superintendent of Schools to come check on me, then he asked me what I was doing tonight. I said I didn’t have plans and he told he had plans for me to drive to Mangum and take bus driving school for a week. I explained I had never driven a stick shifted vehicle in my life and was afriad to drive a bus.Back in the day all busses were stick shift! The Superintendant told me to go to Bus Driving School tonight and then come down on my planning time tomorrow and we’ll discuss it.

All this in my first two hours of teaching! Of course I had to finish Bus Driving training, drove the Band and Cheerleaders all over SW Oklahoma and ended up driving a bus route for over a year. I look back and laugh about those first two hours of teaching. If I can survive the longest two hours of my life, I can survive anything!

Later that school year I attended a Band Director’s meeting and found out that there were only twelve female band directors in the Great State of Oklahoma, but that’s a story for another time……...

Family Information:

I am the fouth of six children of Vernon and Rosalie (Holz) Brakhage. My parents were born and raised in Lahoma, Oklahoma. Both sets of their grandparents came to Lahoma and settled during the Cherokee Strip Land Run. I am married to David Heinrichs and we live in Drummond OK.

Gayla Heinrichs

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Two fundraisers are beginning September 5th- brochures and popcorn.

Order forms are due September 19th

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Classroom Number:
School Phone:
(580) 366-7309
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8am to 11am