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6 Plus Information


Participation in 6 “PLUS” time is encouraged for our EPS middle school students.  “PLUS” time will be held Monday-Friday from 2:35-3:30 p.m. Families with students participating in “PLUS” time must make their own arrangements for after-school transportation. Students who cannot safely arrive home following the “PLUS” sessions are encouraged to ride the school bus at 3:30, if a route is available for the area where they reside. 

Enrollment forms will go home with students on the first day of school and should be returned to their first-hour teacher by Friday, August 16th.  “PLUS” time will begin Monday, August 16th.  “PLUS” time offers students the opportunity to:

-- Receive extra help or structured time to study.

-- Complete homework with guidance.

-- Explore activities that would have not been traditionally offered in the middle school schedule.

-- Become civically involved and demonstrate leadership with community partners and guest speakers.

-- Participate in intramural activities that enhance fundamental skills and build upon sportsmanship.

-- Minimize the amount of time students have to exhaust on homework at home, maximizing family time and other evening activities.


6 Hour PLUS Frequent Q & A

Q: What electives will be a part of the 6 hour day?

A: Band, Chorus, Art, and Technology will be embedded into the school day.  Other electives, depending on student course request, may be offered from 2:30-3:30.

Q: Will students be offered transportation home at 3:30 following their “plus” hour?

A: Yes.  Students who must ride a bus home will have to do so at 3:30. Students enrolled in athletics will be bussed to their practice location.   Our “plus” programs are relevant, engaging, and offer both remediation, tutoring, and enrichment time.

Q: When will middle school students serving detention or in school placement be dismissed?

A: In School Placement (ISP) will operate from 8:00am-3:30pm. Detention will operate from 2:35pm-3:30pm. 

Q: How will I enroll my student in a “PLUS” hour?

A. Parent consent form will be available the first week of school.  This form will include whether a student will be participating.  

Q: If my child participates in athletics, will they be transported to their practice site at 2:30pm?

A: Yes. 7th and 8th students enrolled in athletics will be transported to their practice site.  Students must be picked up by their parents following practice.

Q: If my child only participates in one sport, will my child be eligible for the “PLUS hour during the off season?

A: Yes.  Your child will be able to participate in the many offerings from 2:35pm-3:30pm.  There will also be some intramural sports clubs depending on the availability of facilities and weather.

Q: Will the “PLUS” time be the only opportunity my child can receive extra help?

A: No. “PLUS” time does not take the place of built-in interventions in your child’s 6-hour schedule.